Be on top of your money

Snapshot gives you simple, relevant and real-time insights into your personal or business finances, to help you better understand and manage your money.
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What it does

Snapshot simply makes managing your personal finance a breeze

Aggregate All Accounts
Bring them all together

Aggregate your various bank accounts under a personal or business profile you can follow

Track Every Transaction
Capture income and expense

Every Naira matters, as long as you receive notification for the transaction, it's noted instantly

Analyse Your Cashflow
See exactly where you stand

Monthly, weekly and daily analyses of your cashflows across all accounts to show your position

Make Realistic Budgets
Budgets that work for you

Make realistic budgets on individual accounts, spending or earning category as you need

How it works

Forget having to do a thing, it's as automagic and realtime as can be

Snapshot captures and interprets every transaction notification message from your banks

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Snapshot categorizes each transaction using predefined rules, built-in or set by you

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Snapshot generates easy-to-understand reports that show you how you spend or receive money

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“Fantastic app! I can’t believe an app can do all these but my banks can’t. I like that I can see all my finances in one place.”
— Amaka O.
“This is the best thing since sliced bread! But seriously, this makes me happy. Awesome!”
— Kennedy O.
“Wow, I need this for my business, and I can see how this would help alot of small businesses.”
— Olayemi I.
“It's really looking good. Great idea too!”
— Susan O.